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About Mocha P Beauty

Mocha P Beauty is an Anime Beauty Brand, Home of the Manga Eyelashes and Anime Genre Series + more! 💕 The owner of Mocha P Beauty is a 21 year old entrepreneur with a passion for Anime, makeup, and beauty. Mocha P Beauty was established in March 2019 & we adopted our Anime theme in February 2020. We are the first brand to combine Anime & Makeup to make a makeup brand for the Anime fans! Based on anime tropes, animes, and having a character based off of our owner, and we have inspired so many other brands to do the same💕Here you can find high quality & affordable beauty products. Everything is fit for an Anime Fan💖 This brand is for everyone and to show that any one can have any style that they want! No matter race, gender, sexuality, or ethnicity! Be your true self✨
You are the main character 💫

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